We need volunteers!

Earth Day Festival Brandon Florida

Come volunteer with us!

We can really use your help!

Interested in Volunteering? Here’s how you can help?
Plants, plants, and more plants – Big, little, and any in-between ones, Start growing from seed or cuttings
Let the little ones help. What kid doesn’t like playing in dirt and watching things grow?
Bird houses – are you handy? I can send you a pattern/blue print!
For the crafty: You could paint some flower pots, build a yard sculpture, make wind chimes, paint garden/earth themed pictures, or make garden signs.
Do you have any items you’d like to donate? Bird bath, butterfly houses, flower pots, potting soil, seeds, etc. Or, maybe you have some t-shirts you don’t wear anymore. I can teach you how to turn them into eco-bags.
Can’t build, paint, or grow? We can still use your help. We need help the day of the sale, setting up, tearing down, selling plants, crowd control … you name it.
This is a great way for students to earn Bright Futures hours!